Why We Care

Reproductive Health is a human right

All of the leaders who have contributed to this book share their stories in a powerful, personal way. From President Joyce Banda, who speaks movingly of her own experience as a wife, mother, and leader, to Dr. Fred Sai, known and beloved by so many as the “grandfather of maternal health,” these leaders speak from the heart.

They speak not as puppets or surrogates; they speak as people who have seen desperate mothers, dying children, helpless sisters. And they have also seen women empowered by choice, given voice by education, bestowed with strength by knowledge. They have seen the miracles wrought by access to reproductive health services – they have seen change.


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"Complications from pregnancy are the leading cause of death of women in their reproductive years, killing an average of 1,000 women per day. That number is just plain unacceptable in this day and age."