What You Can Do

Get Involved

Do you care about women's access to reproductive health care? Here are five things you can do right now to help ensure every girl and woman has the ability to plan her own future.

  1. Get Inspired – read the essays by New Champions and the Global Leaders Council
  2. Learn More about the issue
  3. Share with your friends
  4. Tweet your Member of Congress why YOU care:
    • #FamilyPlanning is essential to achieving our global development & foreign policy goals #WhyWeCare why-we-care.org/
    • Reproductive health & family planning save lives & help families on a healthier, more prosperous path #WhyWeCare why-we-care.org
    • Read why leaders from the US & around the world care about #FamilyPlanning:why-we-care.org #WhyWeCare
    • What's one of the best ways to create a healthier, more sustainable world? why-we-care.org #WhyWeCare
  5. Write your own Why We Care essay and submit to your local paper. Why do YOU care?